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Bible School

A Discover Bible School---what is it?

A Discover Bible School is a Bible study outreach ministry based in the local church. Church members seek people in their community who desire to study the Bible. The members then give the Bible lessons using one of five choices.

The church member's five choices of giving Bible studies includes:

1. One-to-one
2. Small groups
3. Video/DVD
4. Correspondence
5. The Internet.

(Personal Contact is the #1 suggested method.)

What Bible study materials are used?

Along with the Bible lessons and other Bible study materials from the Voice of Prophecy, the church member uses other Bible lessons/materials of their choice. It is a team effort.

Please contact the Voice of Prophecy (Worldwide) or the Voice of Prophecy Cape Town (South Africa) for more information.

Those who wish to study online may go to Discover Online where they can register and study for free! 

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